Buffet Menus

Welcome to Lucy’s Kitchen’s buffets

Because every event is so unique we have provided a modular style buffet menus so you can piece together popular buffet items to build the perfect menu for you. You can add and remove items and alter quantities to fit your budget or social occasion. Should you wish to discuss menu options and quantities required for your event please do not hesitate to get in touch with the contact us link.

Of course because all of the food is home made and fresh this is just some of the popular items that customers have requested in the past. Should you wish to opt for something specific please do get in contact and we can discuss.

Check out our menu items

Base Items


£3.85 per head

Sandwiches for kids

£5 per tray


£3.95 per head

Home baked horseshoe gammon ham

£4.05 per head


£4.05 per head

Full Slice Quiche

£2.25 per head



£0.50 per head

Sticky Sausages

£1.20 per head


£1.30 per head


£1.20 per head

Chicken legs

£1.20 per head

Tomato Pesto & Mozzarella pasta salad

£2.25 per head

Crisps and dips

£0.75 per head

Sausage Rolls

£0.70 per head

Mixed salad

£1.30 per head

Mini naan pizzas

£1.20 per head

Greek salad

£1.95 per head

Indian platter:- veg samosa, veg pakora, Onion Bhaji

£2.25 per head

Canape Quiche

£1.30 per head

New Potato Salad

£1.30 per head

Crudite and dips

£1.10 per head

Roll and butter portion fresh baked

£0.60 per head


Fruit Skewers

£0.85 per head

Whole pieces of cake

£1.50 per head

Lemon drizzle cake 200mm x300mm (18 large slices or 32 small)

£10.00 per cake

Coffee and walnut cake 7″ (10 slices)

£12.50 per cake

Scones and clotted cream

£2.55 per head

Mini vanilla cupcakes

£1.20 per head

Victoria sandwich 7″ (10 slices)

£9.50 per cake

Coffee and walnut cake 9″ (14 slices)

£12.50 per cake

Bite size cake

£1.20 per head

Strawberries and cream cupcakes

£1.50 per head

Victoria sandwich 9″ (14 slices)

£12.50 per cake

Chocolate cake 9″ (10 slices)

£12.50 per cake


Delivery to any local address in Worcester is free. For any further afield we will deliver for the cost of fuel to deliver the buffet and a second trip to collect buffet equipment.