Cakes, Treats, Traybakes

Fancy a bit of something naughty? Tray one of our Cakes, treats, traybakes!

Cakes, treats, traybakes, we all love something nice!  Order one (or more) of our delicious cakes and treats.  Each one is homemade and given the care and attention a cake deserves!

These can be included in a buffet or purchased separately if you just want a tasty piece of cake for Sunday afternoon tea with a lovely hot cuppa.

We do celebration cakes!

Cakes, treats and traybakes, we all love them!  We offer a range of celebration cakes, head over to our celebration cakes page and check them out.

Marsbar Traybake

A rich, moist chocolate cake topped with chocolate butter icing, chopped marsbars, drizzled with toffee sauce and sprinkle of grated chocolate.

only £12.50 (16 pieces)

victoria sandwich 9 inch

Victoria Sandwich

The classic cake, cooked to perfection for that delicate melt in the mouth sponge with a generous layer of strawberry jam.

only £12.50 (10 pieces)

coffee and walnut cake

Coffee and Walnut Cake

A 7″ round traditional coffee and walnut cake with lots of coffee and walnuts to get those flavours going.  An afternoon tea staple!

only £15.00 (10 pieces)